Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Multi-Colored Vinyl!

This is, unfortunately, NOT in my collection (yet). A legitimate 60s-era Japanese RCA Jefferson Airplane compilation LP on super-psychedelic colored vinyl. Wild, eh?
Moby Grape 45!

I have a whole series of Beatles 45s on different colors - a few samples here - too lazy to picture them all! Nothing too outrageous, but nice!
Forgot I had this Rolling Stones red vinyl 45!
Another Beatles 45 from the same series.....
13th Floor Elevators 1st LP reissue of dubious extraction. This is nicer to look at than to hear. Better to track down the Sundazed mono reissue LP for best sound from this classic!

What is it with RED vinyl? This is a Canadian-only issue of "Who Are You". This sounds pretty good, actually!

Supposedly, The Pineapples were a great band live. Never saw them though I still may get the chance as they're still making music. The tunes on this 45 are a good example of pre-Nirvana alternative rock - NYC style! This was their only release on Kokopop (a subsidiary of the famous NYC-based label Shimmy Disc).

This was a recent score. A colored-vinyl 45 exclusive of Mojo Magazine in celebration of the release of The Beach Boys Smile Sessions. Only found in the magazine - really sweet, actually!

I sure like this purple vinyl ELO 45! Sweet Talkin' Woman on side A - Fire on High on side B. Way cool!!

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