Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ahm seein' COLORS!

           As a way to make this blog more personal I decided to change the blog banner image to a picture of my own turntable and nifty color vinyl LP (okay, so the one that I'd had up I nicked off the internet - I'll fess up). I'm not the greatest photographer in the world, but I like what I did enough to use it here. This got me to thinking about all the neat color vinyl LPs I have in my collection - actually not that many and, more often than not, pretty common! Color vinyl is fun and seems to be making a comeback with vinyl in general. There's lots of old reissues and brand new releases that feature exciting colors these days. Here are a few from my archives..................enjoy!

This Grand Funk record looks kinda yellow here, but it's almost gold colored in reality. Too bad my copy is kinda trashed, but it still looks nice!!
New-ish Meat Puppets release. Great album too. Can't go too far wrong with anything by the Meat Puppets.
Rykodisc put out a series of vinyl LPs on clear vinyl. This looked best when I held it to the light. This particular record was the first official Hendrix BBC sessions release (before it reverted to the Experience Hendrix estate).
The above three records are original issue Flaming Lips LPs in their color incarnations. Silly me - I should have kept collecting this band on vinyl. Their more recent releases are pretty collectable. I have no idea if these are as collectable - fun to look at though!
This was the last new Elvis Presley LP released right at the time of his death. Believe it or not - the really rare issue of this record is, in fact, the BLACK vinyl issue. Blue is common. Still - nice to look at!
Some Rolling Stones records. The top two are 12" singles. The one directly above is a Japanese reissue of "Out of Our Heads" - US version. Too bad it sounds awful (mint record - bad mastering!).

Some relatively common Beatles color vinyl albums.

Rhino reissue of Nazz Nazz. Now, the original CSG Records issue was also put out on red vinyl - that would be a cool score! Maybe someday............

Sundazed reissue of the great (Jan) and (mostly) Dean cult-classic "Save for a Rainy Day". Really beautiful looking records! Interesting music too - I'll have to do an entry on this record sometime soon since it has an interesting history!

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  1. I miss vinyl. Hopefully I will be able to crank up the collection machine soon when i get situated here in the GoM. The remnants of my original collection was traded off by my ex to obtain an amp for my oldest son. He was gonna be a rock star. Then they abandoned the house and left all the guitars. They made sure to take the X-Boxes though. *shakes head*