Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year and Anniversary!

Well, there's always ONE straggler isn't there? How could I forget this great grey splatter-wax LP? Hard to tell just from the picture, but here is an original issue of Kate Bush's excellent 1985 release "Hounds of Love". What a fantastic record - highly recommended. This title has recently been re-released on splatter wax vinyl by Audio Fidelity records - a specialty label responsible for quite a few excellent reissues of classic albums. If I didn't already have an original I would have jumped on that reissue, not that I haven't thought about it. Heh heh! But I'm pretty sure this was the only color vinyl LP I had left to uncover from the stacks. Any new additions will be featured in future posts. 

January also marks a one year anniversary for this blog. I hope folks who have stopped by to read my silly rants have been entertained at least and, if you've been inspired to check out some music that has been enjoyable for you as a result of an entry here - well, that's pretty cool. I am honored that anyone would take the time to stop in - and particularly those who contributed to segments and/or comments! I will do what I can in the upcoming year to make this place worth the bother of clicking into!

I'll also make another plug for my classical blog found here:

My first post of the new year at the classical spot will reveal my "new" revelation about music listening habits - some of which will also be included on this site! To be truthful,  its probably not THAT exciting, but it kinda is for me. Let's put it this way - I'm making a New Year's Resolution to test the boundaries of my own curmudgeonly (is that a real word?) attitudes towards new music technology and the results have been positive so far.

But enough about me - I sincerely hope everybody out there had an excellent Holiday Season. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to take care of your ears - they need food too. Keep 'em fed and watered and they'll take care of you.

Bright Moments Always!


  1. Hounds of Love! What a great record! So cool you have a colored vinyl of that one. Congrats on your first year, Chris. I really enjoy your blog, though I sometimes forget to read it. Have you considered putting it on Networked Blogs? Then people can subscribe to it and it will show up automatically in their Facebook feed, and the hard-of-thinking like me won't have to try to remember to check it out! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I enjoy reading your blog as well! I will have to check out the Networked Blogs thing you mentioned. With any luck, as time goes on I'll learn more about how to make this blog better / more interesting / better-written, etc......! Bright Moments!!