Monday, January 17, 2011

78's can sure sound GREAT!

    This is a picture of what 78 collectors call a "Scroll Victor" - if you look at the record label there's some scroll-work to the design. These discs are noted for being some of the best sounding 78 discs ever produced. How good can they sound? Well, I don't have any (yet) in my own collection - someday I'd love to be set up for these things, but there are folks with their own youtube channels that specialize in uploading quality videos of records from their collection - and even with youtube's compromised sound you can hear just how awesome these things can be. Here's one example from 1932:
This particular youtuber has his own channel as well - full of this stuff. See here for more:

Apparently, many of these RCA Victor recordings were made in an old, deconsecrated  church in Camden NJ - with one single microphone! Pretty stunning sound for such spartan conditions, eh? Enjoy!

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